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Swedish Massage - A relaxing massage that utilises kneading and long strokes to stretch knotted & aching muscles and is great for stimulating the lymphatic & circulatory system to help get rid of our toxins build up.

Aromatherapy Massage - Using the purest essential oils, blended for your individual needs, to p​romote relaxation, vitality and health. A gentle soothing and relaxing massage. 

Sports Massage - A deeper treatment designed not just for active sportsmen and women, but for everyone who leads a physical life. 

A treatment helps reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery time, help with aches, pains and injuries and is recommended on a regular basis.

Pregnancy & post pregnancy treatments

Pregnancy Massage - Relaxes those aching muscles and weight bearing joints that are put under so much extra pressure throughout pregnancy. It is also excellent for relieving cramps, water retention, insomnia and helps boost the immune system. A gentle, nurturing and totally blissful massage will give you and your baby bump time to be at one and some time out. Recommended after the first trimester-onwards.

Post-natal Massage - A treatment comprises of a relaxing 80-minute head to toe of massage, designed to sooth and help your body heal quickly. A wonderful treat after along pregnancy and birth and a chance to catch up on a well deserved rest.  

I have completed an additional post graduate course in Pregnancy Massage and post natal massage and have regularly had and benefited from massage and reflexology through all three of my pregnancies.