Massage & Reflexology

I consider massage and reflexology, a necessity rather than a luxury, and I cater to everyone who needs massage to perform their jobs, sports and day to day life without pain and discomfort. With all my experience and qualifications, I can design a massage which is tailored to your personal needs.

My goal is to help all my clients have healthy, flexible, pain free muscles, and to leave my treatment room physically and mentally relaxed. It is easy to make regular massage part of your wellness programme. Receiving massage even just once a month, can make a difference. I will speak to you about your goals and recommend a plan for long term preventative care.

 Pure, Safe & Benefical Facial & Spa Treatments

We use a Swiss formulated, ultra premium brand, who are committed to the development of unparalleled products, free from all harmful ingredients and using the best of botanicals but with cutting edge science to bring a wonderful, results driven skincare range, which I am delighted to be offering. Arbonne products are 100% vegan-certified, gluten free and as a company started in the 1980's, have never tested on animals and have been on a green journey for 38 years. Our chief scientist Dr. Peter Matravers and his team have crafted a world class product with integrity, expertise and innovation for you. The products have very impressive results, from human clinical trials, where they were put up against leading dermatologist brands and ours results came out on par but of course we don't contain any harmful ingredients.